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Concrete Repair

Commercial Concrete
Repair in Charleston and Greater
Columbia, SC. – Sidewalks / Curb
& Gutter / Slabs

When concrete is damaged, it’s very important to have it repaired as fast as possible. If left alone the problem can expand to where it can no longer be repaired and a total concrete replacement will be needed.

Allow Superior Blacktop Services to investigate the damage in your concrete and establish the best possible solution for fixing it promptly and affordable. If the damage is discovered early on, it can save you thousands of dollars.

We’re also happy to work around your schedule, if that means doing half of your parking lot one day and the other half the next, or by completing the entire job at night or on a holiday.

We served: Apartments, Churches, Condos, Restaurants, Commercial Buildings, Strip Centers, Schools, Municipal Buildings, Cities, Warehouses, New Construction

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Superior Blacktop Services is South Carolina’s premier commercial asphalt repair company. We specialize in asphalt and concrete repair services, planning, procurement, and project management.

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