Concrete Repair
Commercial Concrete
Repair in Charleston and Greater
Columbia, SC. – Sidewalks / Curb
& Gutter / Slabs
Damaged concrete often falls by the wayside; however, this problem should be repaired
expeditiously. First, it is not aesthetically pleasing, which could result in a loss of business. If left unrepaired, the damage can expand to the point where it can no longer be
repaired, requiring a total concrete replacement. If this happens you should contact a Commercial Concrete Repair company in Charleston, SC
At Superior Blacktop Services, we provide Charleston commercial concrete repair for sidewalks,
curbs, gutters, and slabs. Our professionals are knowledgeable and experienced; we will
investigate the damaged concrete and devise the best possible plan for fixing the concrete
quickly and cost-effectively. The earlier you contact us, the less damage that will accrue and the less cost to the owner.
What causes concrete damage? There are multiple reasons a parking lot, sidewalk, or slab
could be damaged or cracked. It is possible that the cracks arose as a result of the installation
process; too much water in the mixing process can weaken the mix and make the surface
vulnerable to cracks. It is also possible that the concrete did not settle properly. And lastly, a
common cause of concrete damage is weight; concrete does have a weight limit that once
exceeded due to vehicles leaves it prone to damage.
Our Charleston concrete repair contractors are equipped to remedy a business’ damaged concrete so that it appears good as new. Without tearing up your parking lot or sidewalk, we can fix cracks, breaks, and holes to save the business time, money, and business. We are willing to work around the business’ schedule to complete the job both effectively and conveniently; we will work nights or holidays if required.

We provide concrete repairs in Charleston for the following: Apartments, Churches, Condos,
Restaurants, Commercial Buildings, Strip Centers, Schools, Municipal Buildings, Cities,
Warehouses, New Construction.

If your business requires concrete repair, contact Superior Blacktop Services today.

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