Asphalt Crackfill

Commercial Asphalt Crackfill Company Serving South Carolina.

Asphalt cracks are the result of normal weather cycle and usually start small. Then as moisture penetrates the crack it gets underneath the asphalt layer disturbing the sub-grade layer which causes more widespread damage.

Superior Blacktop Services specializes in effectively filling the pesky asphalt crack. SBS begins with properly flushing out the cracks of dirt, pebbles, moss using wire brooms, rotating bristle heads and blowers for the most effective cleaning. We then use a variety of different high-end crack fill solutions to repair the cracked asphalt long-term. These combined methods will successfully prevent moisture penetration.

We’re also happy to work around your schedule, if that means doing half of your parking lot one day and the other half the next, or by completing the entire job at night or on a holiday.
We serve: Apartments, Churches, Condos, Restaurants, Commercial Buildings, Strip Centers, Schools, Municipal Buildings, Cities, Warehouses, New Construction.